Film Fleet LLC


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serviceFilm Fleet LLC and our partners offer the most comprehensive transportation services in the Midwest. With combined experience exceeding 100 years, we can assist with logistics of moving anything from picture vehicles, sets and equipment to any part of these great United States. Our equipment has also been sent to Mexico and the Bahamas!

We not only rent top of the line equipment for film production, but we also work with special events and disaster relief efforts. We have worked around-the-clock to evacuate four separate film companies from the Gulf Coast region, ahead of approaching hurricanes.

We have a stand by army of qualified CDL drivers ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice.

Blessed with a blockbuster budget? Need creative maneuvering to satisfy a humorous budget? Attendants, drivers, deliveries, unique location and funky shooting schedules? Film Fleet is the one-stop-shop for solutions.

From your first to your fiftieth project, Film Fleet will be by your side. Quite simply – we are the answer that keeps your project rolling.